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Should i buy is300

should i buy is300 Best Answer: Buy it, I own a 2002 IS300, my only problem is the 6 disc CD changer is jammed that is the only issue, it is very reliable. Also you have a. Lexus IS: Should I Buy the IS 250 or IS 350? Deciding on whether to purchase the Lexus IS 250 or IS 350 is a matter of preference in power and performance. which has lower maintenance costs?. I think you should ask yourself why you apparently feel the need to buy a status. I wouldn t buy another Lexus. Should I get a used Lexus IS 300 or 350?. Now I know the IS300 is a reliable car. Tom s Hardware Around the World. Russia. Dont buy an is300 they are garbage. buy yourself a 86 iroc z-28.now thats a quality automobile right there. kidding actually. cross one hurdle at a time. I live in the NE. I am trying to figure out if IS300 will do everything i need in the snow or if i should buy the NX for ground clearance. Is the.

should i buy is300 Should I buy a Lexus IS300? Found this one Craigslist. : cars

Should I Buy An Is300? - 01 - 06 Lexus IS300 - Lexus.

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