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The iroquois constitution essay

the iroquois constitution essay The tribe kept the soil fertile by using a strategic method to cultivate their crops. The cornstalks grew, the bean plants climbed the stalks, and the squash grew beneath, acting as a weed resistant and kept the soil moist. The women and children traditionally gathered berries, greens, and nuts during the spring and summer seasons. During the winter, the Iroquois stored their food in woven baskets, allowing the food to last for two to three years.
The Iroquois lived in longhouses built by the people of the tribe. Men cut down trees or branches, to make poles for the structure of the house, while the women stripped bark from elm trees, to use as shingles for the outer layer.

the iroquois constitution essay U.S. Constitution Vs. Iriquois Constitution - Essay

the iroquois constitution essay U.S. Constitution Vs. Iriquois Constitution - Essay


  1. Hemuvorokeg

    All this time I thought the essay was about the Iroquois constitution but it"s not smh

  2. Vukoguqozey

    Would my professor accept a 5th grade poster project I did on the Iroquois instead of an essay??

  3. Feqorin

    Where did the Iroquois tribe live?

  4. Mevohoqokehaq

    Smh ppl out here really choosing people other than Flash? I"m boutta write a whole essay on why the Flash is faster

  5. Tuzikof

    THANK YOU appreciated ur words immensely4 that beautifully articulated essay That touched my my ancestors R Iroquois

  6. Rizucatof

    Iroquois Indians World Views And Stereotypes Essay

  7. Gukoguhagot

    7th grade, don"t forget your Iroquois League essay is due tomorrow at the beginning of class! Come prepared to persuade!

  8. Robohebofen

    Bro I"m quoting the Iroquois Constitution in my AMSTUD essay it"s so lit

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