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The sun newspaper santa maria ca

the sun newspaper santa maria ca

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Platform Holly has stood alone in the South Ellwood oil field for decades as the Santa Barbara Channel’s last oil rig in California’s state waters. But it may not stay standing for much longer. The platform’s owner, Venoco, announced on April 17 that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy—which allows the company to reorganize assets—and quitclaimed the South Ellwood oil field, returning the lease to the state. With Venoco abandoning the field and platform Holly, the State Lands Commission will begin de... [ Read Article ]

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With approval ratings for the first 100 days at times as low as 38 to 40 percent, lower than any other new president’s ratings, President Donald Trump has managed to be the main topic around the large majority of American dinner tables as we all discuss ways to rid ourselves of this real danger to our safety and blot on American history. Our Constitution has left us with two main avenues to pursue. First, under the... [ Read More ]


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