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Toronto catholic district school board march break

toronto catholic district school board march break

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Toronto Catholic District School Board will work to facilitate a Licensed Before and After School Program or an Authorized Recreation Program at your child’s school if a sufficient number of families* choose to participate. At this time, we are surveying parents to determine interest.

The Before and/or After School Program is anticipated to:

  • operate before school starts and after school ends until 6:00 p.m. for a Licensed B & A Program (times to be determined locally)
  • OR operate after school only in the case of an Authorized Recreation Program
  • be available on the 188 instructional school days (approximate), with an option to sign up for P.A. Days, Christmas Break, March Break and Summer Break (for licensed child care B & A)
  • include a morning and an afternoon snack as applicable depending upon type of program

Fees are estimated to be in the range of .50- per day for a before and after school program.

Fees for Authorized Recreation After-School Programs vary, thus a range is not available.

Fees are subject to change.

Qualified, third party child care agencies or authorized recreation providers will be contracted to operate the programs pending interest. Agencies will determine if feasible to offer before school only and after school only spaces within licensed child care B & A.

Fee subsidies may be available for the Licensed Before and After School Program through the City of Toronto, Children’s Services. Please visit: www.toronto.ca/children for more information or call 311 to apply for a fee subsidy.

*In school communities where a sufficient number of parents wish to avail themselves of Before and After School Programs, the Toronto Catholic District School Board will attempt to facilitate these programs based upon a minimum of 25 registrants.

Personal information on this form will be used to inform planning for 2017-2018 before and after school programming. This information will only be shared with child care or authorized recreation providers if there is sufficient interest to consider opening a program.


Please choose either Option #1 or Option #2

- School Board Catholic Official Toronto District Site


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