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Where can i buy ido3d

where can i buy ido3d

Опубликовано: 10 окт. 2015 г.

Buy an IDo3d Pen set: http://amzn.to/28KvyqZ Comes in 1, 3, and 5 pen sets for to

Pros and Cons listed below:

-This 3d pen has no hot parts! and uses ink instead of plastic so its safe for kids to touch (ages 6+)
-Ink is built into the pens. just squeeze to use and then cure the ink with the uv light
-No power cords are needed
-Comes with stencils, pen tips and drawing pads
-Colors blend together and make cool effects
-very affordable costing for 1 pen set and for a 5 pen set
-Lots of Ink: I didn't run out of any color in this video
-You can blend colors: I mixed yellow and red to make orange
-Pens are disposable so just through them away when your done

-The ink is VERY sticky and gets all over your hands
-The art pieces take a long time (5+ min) to dry with the uv light
-After drying the art they will always be a little sticky (New: put them in the sun to fully dry them!)
-This pen is not made for drawing up into the air like you can do with 3d printing pens (scribbler and 3doodler) instead you'll have to make 2 objects, then attach them by adding ink
-Only comes with 3 colors (I wish there was more colors like a blue pen)

In this video I make: A rainbow, some triangles to stand up my rainbow, a flower, a bracelet, a Cube, and other fun things

Also, I filmed everything in 4k just to try it out! :)

Stay tuned: I'll be reviewing the CreoPop 3d printing Pen and the Polyes Q1 3d printing pen when they come out. My assumption is that they will work similar to this pen as they both use ink instead of plastic.

Check back on Saturday for my next video! Also, if you like my videos please share them!

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where can i buy ido3d

IDO3D Pen Review + Demo: First 3d Pen to Use Cool Ink

  US/Canada IDO3D


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