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Writing mock objects java



Great testing includes isolation

Most parts of a software system do not work in isolation, but collaborate with other parts to get their job done.

In a lot of cases, we do not care about using real collaborators implementation in unit testing, as we trust these collaborators.

Mock Objects replace collaborators of the unit under test.



Isolation involves Mock Objects

To test a unit in isolation or mount a sufficient environment, we have to simulate the collaborators in the test.

A Mock Object is a test-oriented replacement for a collaborator. It is configured to simulate the object that it replaces in a simple way.

In contrast to a stub, a Mock Object also verifies whether it is used as expected.



EasyMock makes mocking easier

EasyMock has been the first dynamic Mock Object generator, relieving users of hand-writing Mock Objects, or generating code for them.

EasyMock provides Mock Objects by generating them on the fly using Java proxy mechanism.

writing mock objects java java - How to write unit test using mock object? - Stack.


  1. Xuqipetocegeq

    I don"t hate Java like some folks but Kotlin is way more developer friendly

  2. Xijebebajutiv

    Yeah both of those langs are way more FP than Java so sometimes it kinda stinks. Among other things. But better than no libs.

  3. Sujobad

    Regardless of reasons this is a huge win over using Java

  4. Wanoxesilol

    EasyMock, one of the first mock object Java test frameworks available, has come on a bit since I last used it

  5. Laduqedovexeh

    Of course Scala has Scala specific libraries that are much nicer than Java ones.

  6. Ceciqax

    Spent days on Android+Robolectric+JUnit+JMeter+Maven+Java+Tomcat+Docker+K8S+OpenShift+10s of libs/tools to mock a random number gen.  2017

  7. Yemijoloweje

    Yeah I mean I think Kotlin is similar enough to Java that you can just use JVM interop to use Java libraries for most things. Like Scala.

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