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Essay on how to celebrate new year

essay on how to celebrate new year

The first house sweep of the new year: Chinese don't clean the house the first two days of the New Year, as sweeping then is believed to sweep away the good luck accrued by the mess of firecrackers, red paper, wrappers, and other evidence of the celebrations on the floor.

New Year: Day 8 (February 4, 2017)

People normally return to work by the eighth day. As eight is the luckiest number in China, most businesses prefer to reopen on New Year day 8.

essay on how to celebrate new year How i Celebrate New Year Free Essays - StudyMode

essay on how to celebrate new year 4 Ways to Celebrate the New Year - wikiHow

.. Here is a daily guide to the celebrations in 2017.

Pre-Chinese New Year Preparations (January 20–26, 2017)

Laba Festival

Some Chinese start to celebrate and prepare for New Year as early as month 12 day 8 of the lunar calendar. This is a festival called Laba ( 腊八 Làbā /laa-baa/ '12th lunar month' + '8'). It's January 5 in 2017.

Cleaning the House

People clean their houses before Chinese New Year.

From the 23rd of the 12th lunar month (January 20, 2017), Chinese people carry out a thorough cleaning of their houses. The cleaning is called "sweeping the dust", and represents a wish to put away old things, bid farewell to the old year, and welcome the New Year.

The subjects and themes of paper cutouts are rich. As the majority of buyers are peasants many are about rural life: farming, weaving, fishing, tending sheep, feeding pigs, raising chickens, etc. Paper cutouts sometimes depict myths, legends, and Chinese operas. Also flowers, birds, and Chinese Zodiac creatures are popular paper cutout designs.

Paper cutouts are usually diamond-shaped in lucky red, with beautiful and exaggerated patterns. They express hopes of a merry and prosperous life, in line with the Spring Festival theme.

Enjoying a Reunion Dinner

The New Year's Eve Feast is a "must do" dinner with all family members reuniting.


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