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Fun earth day activities for high school students

fun earth day activities for high school students Lesson Plans, Reading Lists, and Classroom Ideas. middle school, and high school students. Earth Day Activities Printable templates for Earth Day activities for preschool and kindergarten kids including. Rice Crispie Earth. Water. Making Learning Fun: Earth Day. Earth Day Curriculum Resources, Grades 6-8. (3 Activities) Students in grades 5-8 search their classroom for energy connections and. Top Ten Earth Day Activities.

fun earth day activities for high school students Education World: Activities to Celebrate Earth Day

NEA - Earth Day Curriculum Resources, Grades 6-8

Students can use GEF’s Walking My Neighborhood lesson to evaluate their neighborhoods by their walk-ability and plan a safe route to school.

3. Start a home Compost –Leftovers and food waste can be used to provide nutrient rich fertilizer for a sustainable garden. Learn everything you need to know about composting with GEF’s Gardening Resources and build your own compost bin.

4. Make a plan to recycle – GEF's recycling guidelines helps you get started on an impactful recycling program for your home or school. The first step is to form a team! Get together with your friends, family, or teachers to discuss your options.

5. Adopt a Plant – Join GEF’s Adopt-a-Plant campaign to improve indoor air quality in your classroom. The most creative plant name wins great prizes from GEF! Learn more about the Benefits of Indoor Plants and how you can bring some nature indoors!

6. Feed the birds – Students will learn how recycled goods can be used to make new things. Making bird feeders out of a milk carton or a soda bottle is a great way to reduce waste and encourage a host of beautiful wildlife to visit your garden or backyard!


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