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Help with college books

help with college books

College textbook sales by university book stores is an estimated billion-dollar-plus industry. Colleges and universities reap huge profits from the sale of new and used textbooks at their institutional bookstores which consistently feature heavily marked-up prices for even the most basic of textbooks. And with the increasing costs of attending an institution of higher learning and earning a degree, students are looking for ways to cut costs any way they can. Therefore, it’s no shock that year after year, more and more students are deciding to save big bucks on their college textbooks from Chegg, rather than continue to fund their school bookstore’s profits. Chegg is a true leader in helping students save money on their college textbooks by offering a wide selection of used college textbooks to rent or purchase. Because Chegg operates primarily in the used textbook space, they are able to offer significant discounts for your required reading materials not found anywhere else in the market. Compared to the receipts at your local college store, you could potentially save up to 90%* using Chegg’s textbook rental service. That’s a significant savings you won’t find shopping your traditional retailers of college books and why we are scaring college bookstores around the country.

In addition to college textbooks, students love our online tutoring services as well. Chegg boasts a selection of subject matter experts from around the world with experience in all high school and college courses. Available 24 hours a day, a Chegg online tutor is the perfect accompaniment for the modern day student looking for the extra help to master their class.

help with college books


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