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How to write a cause and effect essay sample

how to write a cause and effect essay sample

  • Surprise reader. Mention but don’t spend a lot of time on obvious or predictable causes. (One tip for an effective introduction is to mention reasons that are expected and say why these are not the main causes).
  • Don’t mistake effects for causes. A cause happens before; an effect happens after.
  • Add good evidence. Provide support by using statistics, anecdotes, case histories, historical evidence, examples, description, expert opinion, quotes, and scenarios.

In this type of essay you do not have to be dogmatic, so you can admit that it is possible to view the issue in a different light. However, you should use the conclusion to persuade your reader that your way of thinking about this issue is better. Here are some ideas:

  1. Present your idea on the subject. Explain why you reject the other ideas.
  2. Ask the reader to decide what they think is the best.

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