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How to write a good conclusion for a expository essay

How to write a good conclusion for an expository essay

A Life Changing Event

Everyone has had an event that has changed his or her life. Mine was the birth of my little cousin, Connor. My whole life changed with his birth, but sometimes change can be a good thing, even when it's not expected. When my Aunt Kileen and Uncle Todd first told all of us that they were having a baby I was full of emotions. I was happy and sad at the same time, because I saw my aunt and uncle as my second parents, and they thought of me as their own child. I would go to their house every day and most times even sleep there, I basically lived with them because my mom had night shifts at work and there was no one at the house to write expository watch me. Now my whole life was going to change and I wasn't sure if I was ready. Back then, I did not know what a positive impact this event would have on my life. When Connor was born I could not stop smiling. Diwali! There, in the bed, was this little “creature” my aunt and uncle called their son. Not until I picked him up did I feel the weight of his life on my hands, and the weight of the effect I would have on how to a good conclusion essay him. I immediately felt I had more responsibility, and become I was ready to do anything for my little cousin. To make things even more special my aunt and how to a good for an uncle asked me if I wanted to be his godfather, of course I said yes not only because it's pretty cool to be called a godfather but because that was my little buddy who I to this day see as my own brother that I love more than anything. I felt like I had an obligation to look over him and protect him, and that's what I did.
My whole family took care of him, even their two dogs' Browser and Zoey, and life was somewhat peaceful during those first few weeks. When my aunt went out for the first time in months and I had to look over Connor, I fed him a bottle, and although he spit up most of it and only drank a few drops, it was just as satisfying for me as for Connor. I was there when he rolled over for the first time, and I was there when he took his first

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Bel hooks -

I agree with hooks' assertion that no education is politically neutral, that our political perspectives shape our pedagogy in ways that we sometimes don't even notice, but I have a problem with the lofty sentiments and ambiguous solutions wound through the text. This is not a trait particular to the hooks piece. In fact, I have found that most of the write, writing I have read discussing the implications of embracing multiculturalism to be quite vague. At least hooks acknowledges the difficulty of shifting our pedagogies and invites students to talk about their fears and experiences. In addition, she encourages educators to share with students the An Analysis Living Conditions, intent of multicultural inclusion in the curriculum. This awareness, however, is only a partial solution to providing comfort in what can often be an uncomfortable environment. "Hearing individuals describe concrete strategies ¦ helps dispel fears ? sounds great but falls way short of offering practical advice to teachers of how to implement multiculturalism in the classroom. These "concrete strategies ? are continually referred to but never identified. I felt the same way reading Freire and Rose. And, quite honestly, I felt the same way after our discussion on race last semester. I agree with the how to a good expository essay, vital importance of fully integrating diversity, and I want to be able to do it well in my classroom, but I feel that even after all the reading I have done and the discussions I have had, these "concrete strategies ? which will help me are still floating around me in an ambiguous, invisible cloud just beyond my reach.
"Embracing Change ? asserts the need for educators to discuss race as a part of the curriculum, making it just another part of discussing a text. While I agree that an author's background, and by diwali festival writer extension race, is an integral component of truly understanding theme and intent, I am left with a question: by

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