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How to write a modern day myth

how to write a modern day myth

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Modern Day Myth

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ENG 110
English I: Literature and Composition
Unit 7 Assignment C
Create a Modern-Day Myth

Do you believe mythical creatures and heroes exist today? For this assignment, you write a modern-day myth and answer a short answer question. Remember that a myth is a story designed to explain cultural beliefs, rituals, or mysterious natural phenomena.

Part 1: Write a Modern-Day Myth

Directions: Utilizing the elements and qualities of myth you read about this week, write a modern-day myth in the space below.

Guidelines: Requirements include the following:

o Basic characteristics of mythology
o Elements of Greek and modern culture
o At least five vocabulary words from this unit
o At least three sentences that appropriately use comma rules
o At least 200 words in length

A modern day myth that I choose is big foot. Big foot’s appearance is a tall man/ ape looking creature covered with hair from head to toe. Since the 1800’s there have been many sightings of Bigfoot, in the mid west, and mid east regions. We have a lot of evidence that Bigfoot is real, for example Native American’s myths talk about tall human monkey type creature with also, face masks of the creature and stone heads. Another piece of evidence is hair, blood, plastering of its feet, and handprints taken from sightings. The biggest piece of evidence for this myth is video and audio recording. There are numerous video and audio recordings yet with all of this evidence they’re still skeptics, but there are a lot of believers like myself. With all of this evidence are you a believer or skeptic, you decide.


Part 2: Short Answer Question

Answer the following question.

1. How did Greek culture influence Greek myths? Provide a minimum of three examples.

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