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How to write ayesha in turkish

how to write ayesha in turkish

Ibrahim Pronunciation Gender Origin Word/name Meaning Other names Alternative spelling
Arabic: [ʔɪbraːˈhiːm],
Turkish: [ibɾɑˈhim]
Father of Nations and Friend of God

Ibrahim (Arabic: إبراهيم‎‎, Ibrāhīm) is the Arabic name of the prophet and patriarch Abraham. He was God's messenger. It is a common first name and surname among Muslims and Arab Christians, a derivative of the name Abraham or Avram from Judaism and Christianity in the Middle East. In Lebanon and Maghreb, Brahim is a common diminutive for the first name Ibrahim.


Given name[edit]

Ibrahim of the Lucas Makwaya born 1989 Mwanza Tanzania
  • Ibrahim (1615–1648), Ottoman sultan
  • Ibrahim I of Shirvan, ruler of Shirvan from the Derbendid dynasty 1382–1417
  • Ibrahim Abatcha (1938–1968), Chadian politician
  • Ibrahim Artan Ismail Somali politician, former Minister of Security of Puntland
  • Ibrahim Abouleish (born 1937), Egyptian scientist
  • Ibrahim Abu-Lughod (1929–2001), Palestinian academic
  • Ibrahim Afellay (born 1986), Dutch footballer
  • Ibrahim Ahmad (1914–2000), Kurdish politician
  • Ibrahim Ba (born 1973), Senegalese-French footballer
  • İbrahim Balaban (born 1921), Turkish painter
  • Ibrahim Bey (1735–1833), Egyptian Mamluk chieftain of Georgian origin
  • Ibrahim Bilali (born 1965), Kenyan boxer
  • Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar (1897–1960), Pakistani politician
  • Ibrahim Fazeel (born 1980), Maldivian footballer
  • Ibrahim Ferrer (1927–2005), Afro-Cuban singer
  • Ibrahim of Johor (1873–1959), Sultan of Johor, Malaysia
  • Ibrahim of Kazan (died 1479), ruler of Kazan Khanate 1467–1479
  • Ibrahim Halidi (born 1954), Prime Minister of Comoros
  • Ibrahim Hashem (1878–1958), Jordanian lawyer and politician
  • Ibrahim Heski (died 1931), Kurdish politician
  • Ibrahim Hussein (disambiguation)
  • Ibrahim Kargbo (born 1982), Sierra Leonean footballer
  • Ibrahim Zeid Keilani (1937–2013), Jordanian politician
  • Ibrahim Maalouf (born 1980), Lebanese jazz musician
  • Ibrahim Meraachli (died 2004), Lebanese actor
  • Ibrahim Al-Mudhaf (1852–1928), Kuwaiti politician
  • Ibrahim Muteferrika (1674–1745), Ottoman diplomat, printer, and polymath
  • Ibrahim Nagi (1898–1953), Egyptian poet
  • Ibrahim Najjar, Lebanese politician
  • Ibrahim Nasir (1926–2008), Maldivian politician
  • Ibrahim Nasrallah (born 1954), Palestinian poet
  • Ibrahim Nooraddeen (died 1892), Sultan of the Maldives
  • Ibrahim Orabi (born 1912), Egyptian wrestler
  • Ibrahim Pasha (disambiguation), several pashas named Ibrahim
  • Ibrahim Rabimov (born 1987), Tajikistani footballer
  • Ibrahim Said (born 1984), Egyptian footballer
  • Ibrahim Al-Shahrani (born 1974), Saudi Arabian footballer
  • Ibrahim Sidibe, Senegalese footballer
  • Ibrahim Sirkeci (born 1972), Turkish management scientist
  • Ibrahim Tounkara (born 1976), Canadian football player
  • Ibrahim ibn al-Walid, Umayyad caliph who ruled for a short time in 744
  • Ibrahim Yattara (born 1980), Guinean footballer
  • Ibrahim al-Yaziji (died 1906), Lebanese writer
  • İbrahim Akın (born 1984), Turkish footballer
  • İbrahim Arat (born 1988), Turkish weightlifter
  • İbrahim Aydemir (born 1983), Turkish footballer
  • İbrahim Aydın also known as Cihangirzade İbrahim Bey (1874–1948), Turkish military officer and statesman
  • İbrahim Bölükbaşı (born 1990), Turkish wrestler
  • İbrahim Kaş (born 1986), Turkish footballer
  • İbrahim Öztürk (born 1981), German footballer
  • İbrahim Şahin (footballer) (born 1984), Turkish footballer
  • İbrahim Tatlıses, Turkish folk singer, of Kurdish origins
  • İbrahim Toraman (born 1981), Turkish footballer
  • İbrahim Üzülmez (born 1974), Turkish footballer


  • Abdullah Ibrahim (born 1934), South African pianist and composer
  • Andrew Ibrahim (born 1989), English student convicted of "preparing terrorist acts"
  • Anwar Ibrahim (born 1947), Malaysian politician
  • Dawood Ibrahim (born 1955), Indian mobster
  • Deren Ibrahim (born 1991), Gibraltarian footballer
  • George Ibrahim (died 2003), Pakistani Roman Catholic priest
  • Hanan Ibrahim, Somali activist
  • Ibrahim Namo Ibrahim (born 1937), Chaldean Catholic bishop in the United States
  • Idil Ibrahim, Somali filmmaker
  • John Ibrahim (born 1970), Lebanese-Australian nightclub entrepreneur
  • Kamal Ibrahim (wrestler) (born 1961), Egyptian Olympic wrestler
  • Khalil Ibrahim, Sudanese Islamist
  • Moussa Ibrahim (born 1974), Libyan political figure
  • Muhammad Ibrahim (1911–1989), Bangladeshi physician
  • Muhammad Ibrahim (justice) (1894–1966), Bengali justice and academic
  • Musa Ibrahim (born 1979), Bangladeshi mountaineer
  • Muzammil Ibrahim (born 1984), Indian model
  • Raymond Ibrahim (born 1973), Coptic American research librarian, translator, author and columnist with focus in Arab history and language
  • Sarimah Ibrahim (born 1978), Malaysian television host, actress and singer
  • Sonallah Ibrahim (born 1937), Egyptian novelist and short story writer
  • Yaacob Ibrahim (born 1955), Minister for Communications and Information, Minister in charge of Muslim Affairs and the Minister in charge of Cyber Security of Singapore

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