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How to write your degrees on a business card

how to write your degrees on a business card A physician lists his degree: John Martin, MD.

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    1. Joceyozi

      Ppl who write thier degrees in thier name <<<<<

    2. Yehoselu

      Are you going to share your new found knowledge, would be handy I always write degrees!

    3. Pufivevepece

      I wonder how ppl with journalism degrees feel when all they get to write about is Kim"s cellulite and Kylie"s lip fillers

    4. Kexafabijoz

      360 DEGREES lmao i should make a wattpad too and write the most cliche Tagalog love story

    5. Dogozokupedo

      He is Secretary SCBA, but can"t write one page in English. He wrote forth night instead of fortnight . Where did he get his degrees from?

    6. Luhefemaqax

      It"s 29 degrees out and I"m getting a dog today how am I supposed to write a stats midterm

    7. Yotuqowiziv

      75 Degrees = 4 super-seasonal salads 1 write-home-about fried chicken

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