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How to write your degrees on a business card

how to write your degrees on a business card A physician lists his degree: John Martin, MD.

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    1. Joceyozi

      Ppl who write thier degrees in thier name <<<<<

    2. Yehoselu

      Are you going to share your new found knowledge, would be handy I always write degrees!

    3. Pufivevepece

      I wonder how ppl with journalism degrees feel when all they get to write about is Kim"s cellulite and Kylie"s lip fillers

    4. Kexafabijoz

      360 DEGREES lmao i should make a wattpad too and write the most cliche Tagalog love story

    5. Dogozokupedo

      He is Secretary SCBA, but can"t write one page in English. He wrote forth night instead of fortnight . Where did he get his degrees from?

    6. Luhefemaqax

      It"s 29 degrees out and I"m getting a dog today how am I supposed to write a stats midterm

    7. Yotuqowiziv

      75 Degrees = 4 super-seasonal salads 1 write-home-about fried chicken

    8. Cugobumuji

      No let him, can"t wait to here this crazy shit. Will prove how sick he really is, watch Trump try to read it. Will he write backwards, Damn.

    9. Sutevohososej

      DemComm party are populated by communists how come Putin doesn"t help them. Learned from Cuba turn 180 degrees what communist say or write

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