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Iqra school homework

iqra school homework Students will learn how to read & use maps & timelines. They will also learn all about basic survival skills, & will investigate our Canadian environments & landforms. We will also begin to learn about Canada's aboriginal peoples.


Science in term 1 will be focused on Habitats & Communities. Students will learn about concepts such as food webs, food chains, & the adaptations of living things. We will also focus on environmental responsibility & how our choices impact our environment.


Students will start out the term by learning about patterns in mathematics. By the end of the term students will be able to identify, represent, describe & extend patterns in charts & tables.

Course Hero School - Iqra' Rockford

iqra school homework Iqra Islamic School - Homework

Candido’s Class: Term Plan


Daily Skills: We work on daily morning activities, focusing on grammar, writing, & editing.

Nelson Literacy: These new books have colourful readings that are connected to science, health & safety, & social studies. Activities incorporate reading, writing, listening & speaking.

Writing: We will be looking at the different structures & styles of writing paragraphs, essays & stories.

Novel Study: We will begin Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Readings will be done in class & finished for homework. Comprehension questions will be assigned.

Reading Comprehension: Students will read various passages & learn to answer questions about the readings.


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