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Lesson plan about descriptive writing

This new site feature allows users to choose from our hundreds of engaging learning games and exercises to create assignments for students. See below for details and simple instructions on how to use this exciting new feature.

How to Assign Games or Exercises

  1. You've selected a game or exercise to assign.
  2. From here, you have two options: Add the game or exercise to a new assignment, or add to an existing assignment.
  3. If you're creating a new assignment, give it a name. Adding a description or due date is optional. Click "Next".
  4. Select the child(ren) you want to send this assignment to, then click "Done". You will see a confirmation message once it has been successfully assigned.

How Children Can Access Their Assignments

  1. Your students can log in through your Pro membership log-in, or at learn.education.com by entering the Classroom Mode code.
  2. Once your child selects their profile, they will land on our main menu where they will see available assignments and due dates (if applicable).
  3. To complete the assignments, students click on the games or exercises listed on the assignment page, play, learn, and have fun!
  4. The main menu also allows students to see their progress in each individual game and exercise in the assignment.

Track Assignment Progress

As your child completes each assignment, you'll be able to track their performance in the Assignments tab of our Progress Tracker. You'll also be able to make edits to assignments from here, like removing games or exercises, or changing the due date.

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  1. Bolihexugo

    Writing lesson plans while listening to Cardi B >>>

  2. Jodemexepo

    Look what genius hasn"t learned her lesson and is writing in bed.

  3. Roxewoxogice

    Me: *in college to be a teacher* Also me: *hates writing lesson plans*

  4. Dusozazot

    Funny TJ, they keep responding as if they cared! I quit writing notes. I fly 150, 000 miles a year with them, but that carries no weight. you could take a lesson from Alaska. I fly them 50, 000-much more customer focused.

  5. Sobazanoyoyebi

    The writing is on the wall; we needn’t say more. An important lesson from the above article is that secession could give us - in the new state- the democratic space we crave for.

  6. Kuzixemomupefi

    Science Department working on Lesson Frames and incorporating critical writing and FSGPT.

  7. Safokepag

    Looking to improve your writing skills? This lesson + writing prompt from is a must!

  8. Magevoton

    Apparently you don"t understand ( Sarcasm ) no worries it"s a common shortcoming of the Liberal sickness and especially in the lessor races AKA minority mind"s, see what I did there? I"m simply writing as Liberals do to illicit fake outrage teaching a lesson!

  9. Yodipopob

    It"s Monday, and The LWWoP Contest has another lesson for writing about place: Leaf Man Adventures: A Leaf Man"s Got to Go Where the Wind Takes Him

  10. Sehitoqu

    Any tips for an ADHD child who hates writing? Lucky if I get 4 words in a lesson without constant support.

  11. Vulusatof

    We switched up our Letterland handwriting lesson today by writing our letter shapes on a friend"s back! Look at this teamwork! Grateful for these relationships

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