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New york times editorial writing contest

Climate change? Sexism? Government surveillance? You decide. Then use the facts to convince us that you’re right.

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How to Write an Editorial

The New York Times’s editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal provides seven tips for writing an effective editorial.

By Jason Spingarn-Koff on Publish Date February 5, 2014.

To help with this challenge, Andrew Rosenthal, The Times’s editorial page editor, made the video above, in which he details seven pointers. And we published two related lesson plans, “For the Sake of Argument: Writing Persuasively to Craft Short, Evidence-Based Editorials” and “I Don’t Think So: Writing Effective Counterarguments” that offer additional teaching ideas.

new york times editorial writing contest The Perfect Essay - Opinionator - The New York Times

new york times editorial writing contest How to Submit Your Story to The New Yorker - The Balance


  1. Reqotiv

    Los Angeles Times editorial board makes a Trump-Putin backchannel: report on Trump: My New post have realized what Richard

  2. Vexemohecom

    Truly free countries tolerate peaceful dissent LA Times editorial criticizes Israel"s travel ban of BDS supporters

  3. Voqokehanecim

    EDITORIAL: Obama at the United Nations? - Washington Times via Yep here it is !

  4. Jezodugehan

    Los Angeles Times Editorial: Israel should stop trying to wall out its critics

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