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Research paper network security

research paper network security

Network security is a problem that network administrators face. It is something that network administrators should watch carefully. For example, if the home network does not have any security measures in place, then the person is at a high risk of data loss due to hacking. Network security is something that businesses do not take very lightly because they want to protect their valuable information and network resources from hackers. This is a problem because of unauthorized use and can be resolved by increasing the security encryption levels.

Networks, including the internet, are one of the most essential things to businesses. Without computer networks, companies would be lost and would not have a way to communicate without these systems and this would cause businesses to operate slower ("Network" 1). Patch works of older networking systems are easier to find these days (1). Starting relationships between many businesses, networks in many ways become synonymous with the groups and businesses they bring together (1). Business employees, customers, and business partners would have available access to their information stored in network systems, could get to their network systems and share them easily among themselves (1). Computer networks give owners speed, the ability to connect, as well as value to their users. They give possible solutions for business difficulties and issues that would not be possible to other businesses (1). Computer networking systems are required for electronic communications (Network 1). As time moves on, businesses' spend an impressive amount of money on computer systems that are used to manage various functions such as accounting, human resources, customer service, purchasing, inventory management, etc (Network 1). In a world considered perfect, companies would be able to combine all of their computer systems together both new and old (1).

"Expenses make it difficult to totally replace old systems with new ones. Beyond the purely financial costs involved, doing so often requires retraining thousands of employees and making changes to long-established systems and processes. The bad thing about many legacy systems these days is that they were not made to function reliably with different systems or be accessed by means of an internet connection. While almost all the enterprise "wireless local area network" chipsets are using Atheros Xspan chip sets then their access points, their power claims may vary wildly." ("10 Problems" 36)

"At many places, wireless access points, voice-over-internet-protocol phones and security cameras are allowing many businesses options, along with the opportunity to run phone and even electric lines" ("10 Problems" 36).

Network security is a problem for many reasons. Government intrusions are one of the many network security problems. "Every time you send an e-mail or a text message, search Google, or read a Web page, there is a good chance that National Security Agency (NSA) computers are tracking you, all as part of the government's 'war on terror' (Perry 1). Anything that is said or done online or on a cell phone is traceable by the U.S. government. The government plays a huge role in the problems of network security in the nation. Hackers are also one of the causes of network security problems in the U.S as well as low encryption. Hacking in computer networks is also another reason that instigates problems in network security. A usual hacker invasion needs two or more victims - corrupt suspects - who have better communications than normal nodes. (Meghdadi 90) Hackers and the government are not the only things that can cause network security issues, but also low encryption levels. If a computer network is at risk of having low encryption, then it needs to have stronger passwords to keep hackers at bay.

Network security is not in good shape. It still has some imperfections to be repaired. With that being said, routing path manipulation, or (RPM) is comprised of two parts: impersonation and falsification. Impersonation of computer networks is possible when an insider is saying that it is just another reputable router and perform advanced router functions when they are not legitimate from the beginning. It gives the insider the ability to thoroughly carry out different issues (such as falsification) making more trouble for network security (Huang 68). For example, by pretending to be a real router, the insider can successfully trick a receiver to take forged routing packets if all of the routers use identical keys to make sure the routing

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Order A Research Paper Online - Network security research.

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