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Research paper on cleaning coins

research paper on cleaning coins

Team Members Abstract Introduction Purpose Hypothesis Experiment and Data Materials Procedure Results Conclusion Colegio San Patricio
Science Fair 2013
Cleaning Coins Eliel Pérez Ferrusquía Patricio Martínez García Diego Durán Serrato Fernando Hijuelos Reséndez Luis Juárez Alarcón As pennies age, they become discolored and appear dirty. This is because of a chemical process called oxidization, and the dark color is because of copper oxide. The oxygen in the air and the copper in the pennies form an oxide that coats the pennies and makes them look dirty.
There are a number of different methods we can use to clean our penny collection; you can easily remove this copper oxide by soaking pennies in certain solutions, such as lemon juice or vinegar, which are very acidic. In this demonstration we will test the effectiveness of different solutions. Which material can we use to clean made out of copper? This project explores the effectiveness of various cleaning solutions in cleaning tarnished and oxidized coins. Materials
• Vinegar
• Salt
• Coca cola
• Ketchup
• Botanera sauce (or another hot sauce)
• 4 containers
• 4 coins (pennies)
1. Gather all the materials
2. Place the 4 containers in a flat place
3. Then fill the 4 containers each one with a different substance: vinegar, Coca Cola, Ketchup, sauce
4. Insert the coins into each cup at the same time. Record the time, first 5 minutes, 10 minutes,1 hour, finally 24 hours
5. Observe the results in the following time
5 minutes
10 minutes
1 hour
24hours Coins lose luster as a result of exposure to air or moisture. People use different liquids to remove unwanted residue. In our project we asked ourselves if we could use different substances to clean coins. In this experiment we want to find out which substances would work better. We used many variables, like vinegar, coke, and ketchup and we found out that ketchup and coke were the best cleaning substances. We think that the sauce will clean best, according to the information found on the internet researching on cleaning agents Our hypothesis was incorrect. Ketchup and coke were the substances that cleaned the coins better from oxidation. Vinegar



Sauce 5 min no no yes yes 10 min +- +- yes yes 1 hour it turned to gray yes and shiny +- +- 24 hours yes and it changed of color it turned to black yes and it changed of color Photos sauce ketchup vinegar coke Bibliography http://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Coins http://www.mycoincollecting.com/collecting/cleaning-coins.html +-

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