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St john's college fellows

st john's college fellows

Upon graduation, all Johnnies become part of the St. John’s College Alumni Association, an independent group that works closely with the college to increase opportunities for alumni engagement.

The association’s mission is to advocate for the continued excellence of our college and fellow alumni by celebrating our distinctive educational experience. We work to connect our community members for shared support and benefit, and foster a culture of intellect, generosity, and service.

The Alumni Association has a board of directors, elected by and from the alumni body, and multiple volunteer working groups. Volunteers are the foundation of the association’s success, lending their time, energy, and expertise in support of the college’s programs and principles. Some volunteer commitments are large and others are quite flexible.

Notice of Elections and the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the St. John’s College Alumni Association was held on Sunday, June 4, 2017, on the Santa Fe campus. This meeting was open to all alumni, students, faculty, and staff. During the meeting, alumni voted on proposed amendments to the By-Laws, elected a President-Elect, and elected six at-large members of the association’s Board of Directors. In addition, alumni elected one member of the college’s Board of Visitors and Governors. Additional information on the results of this election, is available here.

The Alumni Association Board would like to thank everyone who participated in this election and we look forward to the energy and positive engagement that these new appointees will bring to their service to the College and to our alumni community.

St. John's College Alumni Association Working Groups (as of July 1, 2016)

  • Admissions Advisory Group
  • Alumni Leadership Forum Working Group
  • Alumni Giving Council
  • Awards Committee
  • Career Services Working Group
  • Chapters & Regional Events Working Group
  • Nominating Committee
  • Strategic Communications Working Group
  • Student Engagement Working Group

To learn about the various ways that these volunteer opportunities have significantly contributed to the alumni community, read Alumni Engagement: 5 Years of Milestones.

St. John's College Alumni Association Officers, Directors, and Representatives (as of July 1, 2016)

Dates and Locations of Upcoming Alumni Association Board Meetings:
Fall Meeting: September 8, 2017, in Annapolis

Get in touch with the Alumni Association Board (in care of Sarah Palacios, director of Alumni Relations, 505-984-6121 or [email protected]) with any questions, ideas, or nominations for new honorary alumni, Awards of Merit, or board representatives.

Awards & Scholarships | St. John's College UBC


  1. Resokozureg

    Dr. John S. Wilson, keynote at All Fellows Conference.

  2. Cocudavodiw

    John"s got brewer"s droop

  3. Yepaxohak

    Turning Fellows to Flowers: John S. Douglas, Jr. I will miss the master after graduation from Emory this month!

  4. Sayodefif

    Out of respect for our Fellows on strike, Sunday’s Convocation is at St John’s Cathedral, 135 Anderson Ave. There will be a bus from campus.

  5. Hupanuledejo

    I was. It was called St John"s College, University of Oxford. All fellows come go, like open prison

  6. Powesigayopego

    The new Eagle Eye newsletter for Fellows, staff and students of St John"s is out now! Read it here:

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