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What are the 3 articles in the english language

what are the 3 articles in the english language

  • He was born in 1995.
  • Do not use the with uncountable nouns

    • Rice is an important food in Asia.
    • Milk is often added to tea in England.
    • War is destructive.

    Do not use the with the names of individual mountains, lakes and islands

    • Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in Alaska.
    • She lives near Lake Windermere.
    • Have you visited Long Island?


    1. Fabowaw

      The most terrifying words in the English language are I"m from the government and i am here to

    2. Qogiraxov

      Translation needed. Or are you inventing new language? Or is it a stroke we should call 911?

    3. Nobodebenexi

      Cody and I literally have our own language and if anyone ever heard us they would think we were stupid but that"s just how close we are

    4. Nomemorivawi

      Me and gabby are currently learning sign language, Wyd on a Tuesday night?

    5. Lamamov

      Alec and I are learning sign language so y"all don"t know we talking mad shiiiiit

    6. Fiforozutowodu

      Apparently you are an Indonesian language club.

    7. Nesipetecac

      And they speak a Slavic language and are genetically the same haplogroup so

    8. Kafopagu

      + ( idk if it"s also found on Apple store ) bc its contents are same with Korean language books recommended for foreign students. ^^

    9. Penogogakubar

      Tier 2 words are not necessary for everyday conversational language. They are ESSENTIAL for academic language success

    10. Lifehurebovay

      Some words are carriers of energy and some are not. All language is sympathetic magic. Covfefe has no pull, no force, no exertion. Empty.

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