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Why high school sports should be banned

My great aunt taught Gym in billings Montana for 40 years. You dressed out and you participated regardless of gender, she didn’t care if you were black, blue white green man or woman, her job was to make you exercise, get in shape and interact with the other students. There were no clicks or gangs in this school, because everyone interacted together and everyone was paired with someone else in class, on reports, assignments, you never had the same partner twice, and you didn’t get the chance to feel like an outcast because everyone participated. Now, that was gym, when it came to team sports, you either sink or swim based on your skill, ability and determination. Making the team was a privilege, not a right. Due to the rules in the 70’sWomen were even allowed on the football team, but most didn’t even bother to tryout for anything other than kicker because there was no favoritism, not male vs, female standard, there was just the standard, and not even my 215 pound lumberjack of a great aunt wanted to get pounded into the turf by an offensive lineman of a regular basis. School was more fun before the libs stepped in and made it safe and user friendly.


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