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Answers to interview questions about decision making

answers to interview questions about decision making

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answers to interview questions about decision making Answers to Behavioral Interview Questions

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Decision Making

Sample behavioral interview questions on decision making help the interviewer judge the candidate’s decision making ability. Below, we have provided sample questions and answers which will help the candidate show their credentials in an interview. These sample questions will also help the candidate answer sample behavioral interview questions on problem solving skills and sample behavioral questions on planning and organization, to impress the interviewer and thus grab his dream job.

  1. Are you firm on your decision? How many times do you regret a decision or you reconsider or change decisions?

    Ans: Sample Answer: "I take decisions very carefully. I think about all the possibilities and outcomes; put a lot of logical thinking behind it and after considering all the pros and cons I take decisions. Once I decide, I usually stay with the decision taken. I don’t really re-collect, when the last time I reconsidered or changed a decision was. As for regretting, I don’t think there is any point doing it, even if may have gone wrong for someone. Because that person might have already acted upon a decision and reached a point where he/she should have or should not have. So if things do go wide of the mark, I take it as a learning and move on to the next thing."

  2. Describe the most difficult decision that you had taken till date. What made it so difficult?

    Ans: While answering this question, the candidates must relate something that they had but had to give-up for some personal or professional desire. It must show that you were ready to come out of a comfort zone, take risk and ended up with something more fruitful.
    Sample Answer: "After I finished my degree/diploma, I got through an internship in the same city of my graduation. After internship the company offered me a job which was paying fine. But it was far from my hometown. I had to decide whether to continue with the job or get back home and look for a new job. I decided on the latter. It was difficult because I was getting paid there, and at home I would have to start from scratch. Thankfully I did not have to wait long to get a job at home, but yes that was the most difficult decision."

  3. Can you elaborate about the decisions you reach quickly and the ones you take more time?

    Ans: Sample Answer: "Quick decisions are usually taken in emergency situations, when you have to act quickly so that the final outcome is not affected. Apart from that I take quick decisions when matters are in concern with me as an individual. When it comes to decisions involving anyone other than me, I thoroughly examine all the potential consequences and the situations of others involved in the decision and then reach a conclusion. Such decisions take time as one has to consider many aspects.”

  4. If you come across a situation where you have to choose between a highly experienced candidate and a highly qualified but not so experienced contender for promotion, what would you decide?

    Ans: Sample Answer: "There are many factors to be considered. It depends on the position in consideration. For some positions experience alone may be the best qualifier. But there are positions where other factors like educational background can be important. Then other factors may include enthusiasm and age. For example if the position requires a lot of travelling, then energy and age will be considered. I would take a decision after examining all these aspects."

  5. What do you believe is the best way to take decisions, independently or by seeking guidance?

    Ans: Sample Answer: "It depends on the circumstances. There are times when taking decisions individually is the best way out. At such times it’s important to have a presence of mind and logically reaching a decision. But there are times when you have to decide about something you never had before or a situation you have not faced. This is when looking for guidance is essential, especially from those who have been there and seen it all.

  6. If you come across a situation where you have two or more options to accomplish a goal, and each one as good as the other, which option will you choose?

    Ans: Sample Answer: "Not all options can be as good as the other even though it may seem so. One has to scrutinize all the options, check for the available and required resources, analyze the cost-benefit ratio and choose the best option, put it to work and accomplish the objective."

  7. How do you react when you have to make important decisions but have to make them quickly?

    Ans: The answer should show that the candidate has presence of mind and is up for a challenge if the situation demands. Some decisions can be precarious, but can prove to be important in one’s career path. To reach at a decision quickly one must be mentally tough and must be able to take risk, but must be sensible at the same time."

    Given above were some sample questions and answers on decision making. These questions and answers will surely help you clear the behavioral interview round. Also, some sample behavioral interview questions on teamwork have been provided here. You can refer them for more help.


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