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Ap world history change over time essay indian ocean trade

ap world history change over time essay indian ocean trade

ap world history change over time essay indian ocean trade

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Over Continuity - Time Killeen, & CCOT TX Essay Change

In the period from 650 CE to 1750 CE, the commerce in the Indian Ocean was primarily influenced by the expansion of several societies and subsequent contact between these societies. Throughout the whole period, extensive cultural interchange, involving both technologies and ideas, existed between all societies involved in the Indian Ocean commerce. In addition, this commerce was marked by the continual involvement of the Chinese and Arab societies who set up the trade routes and continued to trade the same type of economic goods. Nevertheless, as time went on, growing contact with Europe and changing attitudes in Chinese international policies shifted the balance of power.
II. Cultural Continuity
--------A. Chinese Golden Age (Tang, Song)
----------------1. Indian numerals

----------------2. Chinese gunpowder, compass
----------------3. Overall maritime technologies
--------B. Abbasid Caliphate
----------------1. Spread of Islam to South East Asia
--------C. European Exploration
----------------1. Christianity reached South East Asia
----------------2. Franciscan missionaries in India
III. Economic Continuity
--------A. Muslims (Abbasid) and Chinese (Tang, Song)
----------------1. Established routes
--------B. Major ports and divisions
----------------1. Huangzhou, Calicuf, Ormuz
----------------2. Arab, Indian and Chinese zones
--------C. Agricultural goods
----------------1. Textiles, paper, spices, rice
----------------2. Non-manufactured goods
IV. Economic/Political Change
--------A. Muslim and Chinese merchants control
--------B. Change in Chinese goals
----------------1. Become more self-sufficient, shun Europeans
--------C. Europeans gain control of trade
----------------1. East India Trading Companies
----------------2. Take over major ports and regulate trade
----------------3. Introduce silver and gold


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