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Articles on love marriage vs arranged marriage

articles on love marriage vs arranged marriage

Marriages, be it love or arranged the main essence remains intact in both. So lets discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of love and arranged marriages.

Whenever we talk of Indian wedding, we try to associate it with arranged marriages. Due to the social structure, the concept of arranged marriage is prevalent in the Indian wedding scenario, since ages. On the other hand, love marriages were considered as a taboo among many Indian people, who do not have a modern outlook of life. For them, two people should tie the wedding knot only with the consent of their parents and the blessings of their relatives.

Nonetheless, love marriages are prevalent in almost all the societies of India, given the fact that they are still considered inferior to the weddings arranged by many parents in the country. People supporting the concept of love marriage strongly believe that it is very important to know the partner before marrying him/her. On the other hand, people who believe in solemnizing the wedding with the permission of parents and relatives think that arranged marriages are long lasting. In this article, we have discussed love marriage vis-�-vis arranged marriage.

Pros & Cons of Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage

When it comes to love marriage, the two people tie the nuptial knot only after falling in love with each other and probably, after knowing each other for a long time. They get ample time to explore both the good and the bad things about each other, well before marriage. This helps them to develop a good comfort level after marriage, very effortlessly. On the other hand, if two people do not know much about each other, when their marriage is arranged by their parents, then they might take some more time to develop a level of comfort, understanding after marriage. Here, love marriage scores more than arranged marriage in this case.

It is said that compromise is a factor that decides whether the marriage would work out or not. In case of love marriage, people might expect more from their partner, largely because they have fallen in love before marriage. This leads to lesser compromises, as the person expects more from his/her partner. On the other hand, compromise and adjustments form the foundation of arranged marriage, largely because the married couple does not have any preconceived notions or expectations from one another. The compromise factor might work wonders in case of most of the arranged marriages, while in love marriages, that might prove to be yet another cause for altercation. Due to this factor, people consider arranged marriage as long lasting and better than love marriage.

In case of arranged marriage, the married couple could resort to their parents or acquaintance at the time of financial crises or other problems. In addition, if the marriage proves to be a failure, they have a number of people around them to put seek support or to put the blame on. Their parents would come forward to solve the problems between the couple, if they have married with the elder's consent. This is the reason why arranged marriages are considered secure for the people in India.

On the other hand, the couples who have solemnized love marriage would have to tackle all their crises on their own, because they might have been separated from their family. Resentment drives the parents and the relatives to remain dormant in case the married couple wants any financial or moral support - a common sight seen in love marriages in India. Due to this factor, many people do not want to marry without their parent's consent, because they would be ultimately cut off from the family ties.

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articles on love marriage vs arranged marriage


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    I noticed that as well. We all know that is an arranged marriage. He loves Ivanka! Sick POS!!!

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    This sucks. Over 40 years ago my mom left an arranged marriage that became abusive and married my white atheist father.

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    One is turning 18 in a month, but her parents have an arranged marriage for her already

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    Who said arranged marriage proposals can"t be romantic?

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    Arranged marriage in the closest sense, but not by ppl families economic agendas which is a fact of life. One I must scale w/ blue guards

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    Clearly I just need to accept this arranged marriage

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