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Business plan washington dc

business plan washington dc She had a full vision of her business in her mind. After completing her business plan in our seven-week DC WBC Business Plan Lab training course, Ethel became the proud owner of The Doggie Washerette, a self-serve dog wash. Opening her business has not been easy and many lessons have been learned in the process, yet, she still continues to push her business to the next level. The DC WBC also helped Ethel secure funding through its partnership with Kiva, a crowd-funding organization, to finance the required classes for her dog groomer’s license. With her dog grooming license secured, she is now working with our DC WBC team to strategize the role out of her new service. Ethel’s business success story has been featured in many online blogs and local and national newspapers such as the Washington Post and the Takoma Voice.

Business PLAN Washington | Alliance Washington

business plan washington dc


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