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Buying a house housing association

buying a house housing association

Tenants without the five years qualifying tenancy may still be eligible to apply if they succeeded or were assigned their tenancy from a spouse or parent.

Introductory tenants are not eligible to apply but the time as an introductory tenant will count towards eligibility and discount.

Can tenants of flats and maisonettes buy?

Tenants of flats and maisonettes can apply under the scheme. However, tenants who buy their flat or maisonette will have to pay an annual service charge in addition to the normal purchase price. The service charge is an estimate of the annual costs incurred by us. These costs include improvements, repairs, caretaking if applicable, and administration costs. The estimated service charge for the first five years will be supplied to all applicants. The service charge is reviewed annually.

Who cannot buy?

Tenants may not be eligible to buy their Housing Executive home in the following circumstances:

Tenants of a certain dwelling type

  1. A sheltered dwelling:
  2. A single storey or ground floor dwelling (other than a flat) with no more than two bedrooms.


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