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Concord high school raiders sports

concord high school raiders sports

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Started by Krithika S. and her fellow teammates, in its first year at CHS, The Quill has already ranked third in State competition, had a state first place winner in creative writing, and has a member selected as Student of the Year. To say this is just the beginning has other Quill teams a little nervous.....

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  1. Nonakavodelu

    Zaria Suggs Regional champ at high jump. Originally tied with Bridgman"s Kaitlin Essig and Zaria won the jump off

  2. Podogutok

    Georgia has Ludacris on the sidelines. While not elevated, he may or may not be high.

  3. Suneveqes

    CIF shoots down Santa Paula teen"s hopes of playing high school sports via

  4. Conureq

    Congrats to Sarah, Amber, KeiSonna, Marcus, Jordan, Austin, and Dalton for signing to continue playing their sport in college!

  5. Mosabibomeh

    Additional high school summer sports camp info.

  6. Doqenogawelor

    Yeah, he killed a kid BUT in high school he played sports. Let"s not forget that. He can"t be that bad if he caught a few balls.

  7. Kenujejurafu

    Truly miss being an athlete and playing three sports year round in high school.

  8. Yeyowuvogumogo

    High school scoreboard notes for the weekend. More sports here:

  9. Jewodesokiros

    Currie: I have high expectations for our tennis program

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