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English language a2 coursework conclusion

english language a2 coursework conclusion

A Level English Literature H071 H471 Coursework. - OCR

There are four units in A-level English Language B. Students study how to categorise, create, develop and investigate language from the past to the present day.

A mix of coursework and exams help develop students' skills as producers and interpreters of language.

This specification develops students':

  • interest in English, through learning about its structures and functions, developments and variations
  • ability to express themselves in speech and writing, producing texts for different audiences, purposes and in different genres
  • understanding of linguistic concepts and methods to analyse and investigate a variety of extracts taken from everyday sources.

It encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and gives them a strong grounding in the academic principles related to working with data.

This specification provides students with a natural progression from GCSE study of English Language.

AQA sets no prior learning requirements. We recommend that candidates have the skills and knowledge associated with a GCSE English course or equivalent. Schools and colleges are free to set their own requirements.

AS Examinations (AS Award 1706)
Unit 1 - ENGB1 Categorising Texts
60% of AS, 30% of A-level
2 hour written examination
96 marks

Introduction to the study of language, focusing on three specific social contexts: Language and Power, Language and Gender, and Language and Technology.

Unit 2 - ENGB2 Creating Texts
40% of AS, 20% of A-level
Coursework - internally assessed, and externally moderated by AQA
80 marks

Candidates produce writing in different genres and for different audiences and purposes (2500-3500 words).

A2 Examinations (A2 Award 2706)
Unit 3 - ENGB3 Developing Language
30% of A-level
2 hour 30 minutes written examination
96 marks

Builds on AS knowledge and skills, with an additional focus on two new areas of language study: Child Language Acquisition and Language Change.

Unit 4 - ENGB4 Investigating Language
20% of A-level
Coursework - Internally assessed, and externally moderated by AQA
80 marks

Candidates produce two pieces: a language investigation and an informative media text (2500-3500 words).

The subject content pages of this specification give more details about the units.


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