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German, writing, essay writing, academic writing, formulaic language, collocations, corpus analysis This handout gives you 5 keywords with phrases that learners of German should consider using in their own essays. Think of them as Textbausteine (boilerplate) which you can reuse in your writing. The 5 keywords are: - Zweck 'aim' - Beispiel 'example' (and 'beispielsweise') - Erachtens 'opinion' (and 'Ansicht') - laut 'according' (and 'zufolge') - Fazit 'conclusion' (and 'lässt sich sagen')



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WHiG - 5 Keywords in German Essay-Writing

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Created: Feb 14, 2012

Updated: Mar 31, 2014

German Translation of “essay” | Collins English-German.

g. Subjunctive, Relative Clauses, Comparative & Superlative, endings of Adjectives, Subordinating Conjunctions), just ignore them and use only the suggestions that make sense given your current knowledge!

1. Ideas/Information: Jot down auf Deutsch relevant words you know, and ideas and information you want to include. Try to think in German as you do this, instead of translating. Group the words and phrases that go together, and think of conjunctions that might link them (und, aber, obwohl, weil....)

2. Vocabulary: make a list of English vocabulary words you still need to know after Step 1.

g "Die große Frau" instead of "Die Frau, die groß ist"). Remember that subordinate clauses and relative clauses must be set off by commas.

(c) Vary your sentence structure--instead of always beginning the sentence with the subject, put another sentence element in the first position, and use inverted word order. Time expressions (manchmal, letztes Jahr, in einem Jahr, vor vielen Jahren...), adverbial conjunctions (daher, deshalb, trotzdem...), prepositional phrases (in der Rakete, auf dem Stern, nach der Explosion...), expressions of opinion (meiner Meinung nach.

You should also vary the length of your sentences.

(1) Unlike in English, no comma is used in German when something other than the subject is in the first position.
(2) if you construct your longer sentences from short ones in this way, you can also avoid the danger of producing confusing sentences.

(d) Occasionally, you may want to use direct or indirect rhetorical questions (e.g. "Warum ist das wichtig?")

5. Use the essay writing checklist to proofread your expanded draft.


  1. Dusozev

    English is SO EASY to learn in contrast. I would never want to learn german for example

  2. Hiyehemunafila

    Bochum - biased example - have the youngest average age in German football. 4/10 youngest players in 2. BL this ssn played for BOC.

  3. Naxoyalasine

    German translation: to waive sth. = etw. erlassen Example Sentence Museum entrance fees have been waived.

  4. Xezaceqo

    German auto manufacturers > American gas guzzlers in quality , efficiency , design, engineering, etc just to give a well known example

  5. Wepewuv

    They tale the example Czech usually not russian :- )

  6. Rizumukix

    As a german I can tell you this is a prime example of fake news

  7. Piluvoworoxec

    Literally a prime example of someone who needs to get the fuck off the internet.

  8. Yosefazawome

    Goethe, the German poet said: “I have looked in the of humanity for an example and found that it was Muhammad.”

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