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Example ccot essay


Type of ChangeExample(s)

Clear, definite dateof beginning and end.•Basketball teamClear, definite beginning “date,” but no ending date.•Birth of sibling (sibling is still a family member!)•moved to new city (you still live in that city!)Clear beginning date, but significant developmentalchanges since that beginning. This “event” still exists, but is significantly different now compared to when itfirst started.•walking•talking•piano lessons•schoolVague, slow, gradual process with no clear beginningor ending date.•relationship with best friend•relationship with grandfather So this timeline would need serious revisions in order to be truly accurate, noting the various types of eachchange and/or continuity. Something like this would be much better:


<---------------------------------------------------Language spoken at home -----------------------------------------------------> <----------------------------------------------------- Religious affiliation --------------------------------------------------------><------------------------------------------------ Relationship with grandfather -------------------------------------------------->

Birth 4 8 12Now

-|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--Walk ------------(Run)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Talk ----(3 word sentences) --------------(3 syllable words)------(complex speech patterns & vocabulary)-->Toilet trained ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Preschool --------> Elementary School----------------------->Middle School --->High SchoolPiano lessons -------------------------------------------------------------->stoppedBirth of Sibling (3/26/1999)Moved to new city (8/15/2001)met best friend - - - - - - - - - - - - -----------> joined basketball (9/2003)quit basketball (5/2004)


If you were to use this timeline as an outline to help you write your autobiography, you’d want to be sure to makeclear the nature of each change or continuity in your life. Your reader would want you to specifically note theamount, pace, location, and significance of whatever changes you described. Additionally, your autobiographywould be woefully incomplete without noting the characteristics of your life that


 changed, because it isthose fundamental continuities in your life that form the background and context for understanding andinterpreting the changes in your life. Lastly, good writing would require you to analyze the


 for thecontinuities and changes (What


 each continuity or change?


 were some changes sudden, while otherswere gradual?) Now convert these principles from the autobiographical timeline example to an actual CCOT essay and you’llquickly realize why the CCOT has earned a reputation as the hardest essay on the APWH exam. It requiresstudents to quantify the nature, amount, and timing of continuity and change. Merely


 continuityand change isn’t sufficient. Essays should note the amount, timing, location, causes, and effects of continuity and

Question 2 Continuity/Change Over Time - AP Central


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