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How to write a cv medicine

how to write a cv medicine

How to write a Medical Resume

Numerous job positions feasibly fall under the heading of “medical”. These include jobs as varied as Dietician, Cardiologist and Nurse. Clearly your medical resume will need to be developed specific to the job applied for. Doctors need to be clear about the specific field that they work in. The clearest structure for medical resumes is demonstrated in this sample medical resume, which may be applied to any medical field or profession. Close attention to detail is required in your resume, as this is expected in this challenging area of work. An online search will provide other medical resume samples that can be used to generate ideas. It is recommended to follow the outline below for your medical resume:

Contact Details

All resumes need to include contact details at the top of the page. List your full name, your home and cell phone numbers, an email address that you check regularly and your home address. Students may also consider including their university address.


Inexperienced medical applicants may wish to put in an objective next. A good sample medical resume objective will state what you want to achieve with your medical resume. Here is an example:

Highly qualified doctor with two years of experience in cardiology unit seeks position of increased responsibility at larger hospital.

The objective part of the resume is where the eye falls naturally. As such, ensure it says something to sell you that attracts the recruiter’s interest.

Main Achievements

A medical resume sample for those with more than a couple of years experience should list a main achievements section instead of an objective. A recruiter’s eye will be drawn here first, so make these achievements really strong and attractive. List three to five of the achievements of which you are most proud and sell you in the best light possible. Medical resumes that do a good job of this have a better shot at getting an interview. Use action verbs to shape your main achievements and make them stronger. Our sample medical resume demonstrates this:

  • Selected to represent the internship body in committee to improve the efficiency of the hospital, raising efficiency by 30% over one year.

Medical Education

You’ll most likely have medical qualifications and you should make sure that these, plus any awards stand out in this section. List your education in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent job first. Make sure to include subject/s studied, educational institutes attended and their location, dates of graduation, any other professional qualifications achieved.

Medical Work Experience

As with the education section, this component of your medical resume should be organized in reverse chronological order. Your goal here is to list not responsibilities but achievements. Achievements will make you stand out. Responsibilities will display you as run-of-the-mill. For applicants with any level of experience at all, really specific detail is required here. If you carried out particular surgeries you should list them. Our sample medical resume recommends bullets that are structured as follows:

  • Played pivotal role in team that performed groundbreaking surgery to bring new orthopedic technique “XXXX” to the world.

If the role requires some leadership experience, senior medical resumes should be sure to show that they have this experience. Achievements should be quantifiable where possible, and you should use “action verbs” when creating the bullets for your resume, as these will help your achievements to seem even more impressive. Here we’ve used the word “Played pivotal role” as this demonstrates initiative, coordination and potentially leadership in the workplace.


The recently graduated should detail relevant activities on their medical resume next, to enhance their work experience section. Be sure to list any internships and awards and experience gained. Voluntary work can also be included here.

Senior medical professionals can list memberships of professional organizations or voluntary work performed.

Use action verbs for stronger, more convincing bullets.


Keywords and phrases should be worked into your medical resume if you want it to be found when employers perform searches on job websites. To get an idea of what to include, look at the job advertisement and skills and experience required. These will tell you exactly what the recruiter is looking for and give you examples of keywords and phrases to work into a good sample medical resume.

The template above shows how sample medical resumes are best formatted and the level of detail to include. If you are still at school your university may also be able to provide you with sample medical resumes, from which you can pull other ideas to use. From this page you can find sample resumes to get you started.

Medical Resume Samples


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