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How to write singapore in malay

how to write singapore in malay Singapore Guide: Learning the Language, How. - Just Landed

Singapore - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

how to write singapore in malay Singapore - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

how to write singapore in malay Purchase L-Lingo Malay - L-Lingo Online Application

How Multi-Channel Stimulation of Sight and Sound Really Works...

You walk into a supermarket and see a pineapple.

The correct Malay word for pineapple, “nanas” pops into your head – instantly!

You know that word; you know how to write it correctly.

And you know exactly how it sounds...

HOW did you do that?

Thanks to our connective audiovisual training (L-CATTM) you already learned it easily and effortlessly, simply by watching and listening during your L-Lingo lessons!

L-Lingo immerses you in the sights and sounds of the Malay language, rather than just the written word. Our multi-channel teaching method gives you real and rapid results much quicker than traditional flash-card or textbook approaches. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking words and longer sentences with real confidence.

Why is it so easy? Because memory consists of connections, and we give you multiple channels and connections at once, making your learning faster than you ever thought possible!

Learning Cycle

Why Clustered Word Grouping Means More Effective Language Learning

We continue your multi-connection advantage by structuring your lessons into clustered groups of words.

By focusing on particular subject areas. L-Lingo reflects research proving that learning clusters of related words is much more effective than learning words at random.

Each lesson also uses the fact that the human brain is most efficient at remembering words and sentences of from five to seven items. Science!

Grammar and Sentence Structure is Important – Get it Right...

If you’ve already started learning Malay then you’ll know the grammar (tata bahasa) is a bit different from English!

L-Lingo immerses you in your new language, but unlike other immersive approaches we never let go of your hand:

  • New Words are Introduced Slowly
  • Sentence Structure Builds Gradually

The careful arrangement of each lesson allows you to build on your knowledge and vocabulary.

The result of all this is you have a rock-solid foundation beneath your progress!

how to write singapore in malay Malay language, alphabets and pronunciation - Omniglot-Malay


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