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Letter e worksheets for preschool

letter e worksheets for preschool

These worksheets are designed to introduce your child to the letter E. Beginning with the first worksheet in the collection, the worksheets progress from beginning (identifying the letter) to intermediate (identifying words that begin with the letter E sound) to complex (learning to write the letter E).

Kindergarten worksheets - Coloring the letter E

E - Coloring

Kindergarten worksheets - Connecting letters in a scramble - E

E - Scramble

Kindergarten worksheets - Finding words with the letter E

E - Letter in Word

Kindergarten worksheets - Matching pictures with the short E sound

E (short) - Sound in Picture

Kindergarten worksheets - Matching pictures with the long E sound

E (long) - Sound in Picture

Kindergarten worksheets - Tracing letters - E

E - Tracing

Kindergarten worksheets - Tracing letters - e

e - Tracing

Activity suggestions to supplement the Letter E alphabet worksheets

  • Cut words out of a newspaper or magazine, with many starting with the letter E or e. Ask your child to pick out only the words that begin with E or e and sort them into an empty egg carton.
  • Read the story Elmer by David McKee about an patchwork elephant. Call attention to the words Elmer and elephant when you read the story, since both words begin with the short letter E sound.
  • Write the words “What I like to eat” on a piece of construction paper. Ask your child to cut out pictures of foods he likes from magazines and paste them on the page. Then he can read the sentence as he points to each picture. Each time he says the word “eat” he will be practicing saying the long letter E sound.
  • Ask your child to be an E detective and spot the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter when you are shopping. Store signs or street signs are good places to look.
  • Use a pink or blue highlighter to write a string of letters (including the letters E and e) on a piece of white paper. Have your child trace over the uppercase and lowercase letter E with a yellow highlighter, changing the color.

Tips for using the Letter E tracing letters worksheets

  • When writing the uppercase letter E, your child will need to lift his pencil three times. To help his accuracy, remind him to always put the pencil tip down directly on the line he already drew before adding a new line to the letter.
  • The lowercase letter e is one big, excellent loop! When teaching your child how to write this letter, remind him to draw the letter in one smooth movement, without lifting his pencil midway through writing the letter. This will create a smooth, seamless curve.

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letter e worksheets for preschool Letter E Worksheets - School Sparks


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