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Middle school spring writing prompts

middle school spring writing prompts

Spring testing… just around the corner. I feel a chill. We practiced writing from time-to-time throughout the school year… Actually, I guess it was really just grammar. Are the students prepared? Hey wait! Winters gone. It’s spring. Time for a new beginning! Yes — spring is a time for new beginnings! Before year’s end, my students will be writing fantastic, well-organized essays in under 30 minutes. The groundhog was wrong. There will not be six more weeks of problematic writing and frustrated student writers. (Click here)

Please Note: Alexander Bain’s widely accepted century-old model holds that there are only four modes of discourse: 1) descriptive 2) narrative 3) expository and 4) argument/ persuasive. Many of the headings below are “organizational models or patterns” and can be combined with the four main modes of discourse. Example: The “cause and effect pattern” can be expressed in the descriptive, narrative, expository, or argumentative genre.

Spring Compare and Contrast Essay

• Spring in an agricultural society of the past vs. spring in a modern technological society.
• Spring and Easter traditions in different parts of the word.
• Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
• Easter when I was young vs. Easter now that I am an old kid.
• What I saw all winter and what I see as spring emerges.
• Spring in different parts of the country and the world.
• Compare and contrast famous spring poems by William Shakespeare, William Blake, Robert Frost, and Robert Louis Stevenson.
• Spring arriving compared to spring exiting.
• Winter fashions vs. spring fashions.
• Easter compared to Christmas.
• My teacher in winter vs. my teacher in spring.

Spring Cause and Effect Essay

• What happens in spring and what makes it happen?
• What are the causes of the changing seasons and what are the effects?
• A beautiful spring day and how it affects both people and animals.
• What makes the plants start growing in spring?
• How more hours of daylight and sunshine affect people.

Spring Persuasive Essay

• State academic testing should be abolished. It always seems to come in spring!
• Spring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation.
• Spring vacation should be extended by three days. Even my teacher says so!
• After the long, cold winter indoors, class should be held outside… occasionally. At the very least, we should get to go on a nature walk.
• Spring has a feeling. You should get the spring fever!
• Easter is the most important holiday of them all.
• Spring should be animal appreciation season.

Spring Process Essay or How-To Essay

• How to make a pine cone bird feeder and attract tons of colorful birds.
• How to decorate Easter eggs.
• How to complete an awesome spring cleaning.
• How to plant a garden.
• How to hide Easter eggs that will never be found.
• How to dress when you are not sure how warm or cold it will be.
• How to have a great spring vacation.
• The life cycle of a butterfly.
• How to make an Easter basket.
• How to prepare for the upcoming standardized tests.

Spring Expository/Informational Essay

• Fun Easter activities.
• The truth about the Easter bunny. The history of the Easter bunny.
• History of Easter.
• Spring through the ages.
• Spring traditions.
• Facts about spring.
• The symbols and symbolism of spring.
• The mythology of spring.

Spring Narrative/ Personal Narrative Essay

• Spring — an analogy of my life as I grow and change.
• What I did on my spring break that made everyone green with envy!
• My first Easter memory.
• Spring memories.
• Springtime on the farm.
• Our annual Easter egg hunt.

Spring Descriptive Essay

• Describe the energy of spring.
• The sights, sounds, and smells of spring.
• Easter breakfast.
• The first day of spring.
• New life awakens.

Spring Five-Paragraph Essay

• Three reasons I love spring.
• Three signs of spring.
• Three spring vacation activities.
• Testing time, spring vacation, and Easter.

Spring Story Ideas

• The Easter bunny slept in!
• Clash of the Seasons – Spring vs. Winter
• Spring’s rise from the darkness of winter.
• A baby deer in spring.
• The spring that almost never came. Where is the groundhog?
• The Annual Animal Spring Celebration Party!
• A spring miracle.
• Funny happenings on the first day of spring.
• The day after spring.
• The spring I learned to write fantastic essays in under 30 minutes! Really! (Click here)

Happy spring!

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middle school spring writing prompts

middle school spring writing prompts Spring Writing Prompts by TeachersToolkit - Teaching.


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