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Proposing a solution essay topics list

problem-solution-essayThere are a lot of essay types and every of them requires a specific method of writing. One of them is a problem solution essay. We will help you to write this kind of essay on different topics and with appropriate formatting.

What’s a Problem Solution Essay?

  • Identify a problem
  • Propose a possible solution
  • Prove that solution is effective and workable
  • Say why your solution is better than others

problem-solution-essayAre you still struggling with a problem solution essay topic? We prepared several topics – from which you can chose one for you. Or you can adapt a topic that will be suitable for your assignment.

Problem Solution Essay on Social Topics

  • How to prevent dropping out of school?
  • How to help homeless people?
  • How to make kids not experiment with drugs?
  • How to prevent teen pregnancy?
  • How to prevent drunk driving?
  • How to prevent divorce?
  • problem-solution-essayHow to prevent racism?
  • How to help people suffering from home violence?
  • How to cope with illegal immigration?
  • How to improve healthcare?
  • How to deal with terrorism?

These are commonly used social topics in a problem solution essay. You can use them for your essay writing. If you don’t know how to write essay on sports topics, we also prepared several tips.

Questions for Essays About Sports

  • Should colleges pay athletes?
  • How to prevent the usage of steroids?
  • How to encourage athletes?
  • Do school athletes train too hard for their ages?
  • How to be excellent at a particular sport?

Some of these topics can be used in your essay about sports. But if you ask us how to write essay about college life problems, we’ll show you the following list.

problem-solution-essayTopics for Essays about College Life

  • How to get better grades?
  • How to make colleges more affordable?
  • How to eat healthy in college?
  • How to balance between studying and social life?
  • How to cope with roommate problems?

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