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Should i buy oculus rift now

should i buy oculus rift now

Audio is a massively important part of VR, and comfort has a big part of this as well. Oculus has headphones built in, and they lay over your ears with ease. If you want to replace these headphones with something that removes environmental noise or offers higher quality sound, there are some hurdles to jump through. Vive, on the other hand, offers a headphone jack on the headset so you can connect whichever headphones you desire. This is great when you realize the earbuds that come with the headset aren't very good and fall out easily, but it also means you have to find headphones that will comfortably rest on your ears over top of the VR headset straps.

As for comfort over time, surprisingly it's mostly a draw. When correctly fitted to your head, Vive and Rift can each be worn for several hours without pressure discomfort. Some people notice eye fatigue after several hours, and any Vive player who is actively playing a game and doesn't feel tired after a while is doing it wrong, but there's no firm breaking point for any of us who regularly wear these headsets.

Multiple users is a little different, due entirely to the material used in the padding between the headset and your face.


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