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Stanford graduate school of business profile

stanford graduate school of business profile

stanford graduate school of business profile Stanford University

Stanford Graduate School of Business - Wikipedia

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Stanford University

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Program Name MBA, Full Time
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Program Overview This is a school fueled and surrounded by innovation and collaboration. If you have ideas, there is no better place than Stanford GSB to explore them. Here you will learn from and have access to world-class faculty, guest speakers, and leaders of industry. You'll also spend each day collaborating with talented, diverse, engaged classmates who will teach you more than you can imagine. The Stanford MBA Program will help you develop your vision, and the substance required for achieving it. This begins year one as you build your general management knowledge and gain global experience. Personalize your experience in the second year through electives, seminars, a joint or dual degree, and courses at other Stanford schools.
Areas of Study
  • General Management
Joint Degree Offered Yes
Delivery Format Classroom
GMAT Score Average Total: 732; Range of Total: 550 - 790
Tuition & Fees Per Year: USD 59,550
Financial Aid Availability Financial aid available, contact school for more information
Start Dates &
Application Deadlines
Start Dates Application Deadlines
9/18/2017 4/3/2017
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Program Size Class Size: 408
Work Experience Average: 4 Years
Range: 0 - 12 Years
Employment Information 94% of graduates are offered employment by 3 months after graduation
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