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Teaching romeo and juliet study questions act 1 scene 1

teaching romeo and juliet study questions act 1 scene 1

Study Questions
1. What is the setting for the play?

2. What scene of conflict opens the action of the play?

3. Which character tries to stop the fighting among the servants?

4. Which character is aggressive and eager to fight?

5. What warning does the Prince give to anyone who breaks the peace again?

6. Who has asked for Juliet’s hand in marriage?

7. How old is Juliet?

8. In what state of mind is Romeo when we first see him in the play?

9. Explain how Romeo finds out about the Capulet ball.

10. How does Benvolio try to remedy Romeo’s love sickness?

1. The setting is a street scene in Verona, Italy.

2. The play opens with a conflict between the Capulet and Montague servants. Eventually, even the townspeople become involved.

3. Benvolio tries to stop the fighting among the servants.

4. Tybalt is aggressive and eager to fight. He challenges Benvolio to draw his sword.

5. The Prince decrees that if anyone breaks the peace again, he shall pay with his life.

6. Paris has asked for Juliet’s hand in marriage.

7. Juliet is thirteen years old.

8. As the play opens, Romeo’s state of mind can best be described as love-sick, in love with love, moody, and melancholy.

9. Romeo finds out about the Capulet ball when an illiterate Capulet servant asks him to read the invitation list to him.

10. Benvolio tries to remedy Romeo’s love-sickness by getting him to consent to go to the Capulet ball and examine other beauties.

Summary GradeSaver Romeo Analysis 1 and | Act Juliet and

teaching romeo and juliet study questions act 1 scene 1


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