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Us news rollins college

us news rollins college

Admissions & Aid | Rollins College | Winter Park, FL

U.S. News & World Report on Wednesday released its 2016 list of the "Best Colleges" in America, and ranked the University of Florida as the top school in the state.

UF was the only Florida school to place in the top 50 -- at No. 47 -- in the Best National Universities category.

The University of Central Florida ranked 13th in a new category highlighting the "Most Innovative" schools, putting it among the ranks of Arizona State, which was No. 1, MIT and Georgia Tech. UF ranked 18th in the category, which honors schools for innovation in coursework, faculty, campus, technology and other aspects of college life.

Rollins College was ranked No. 1 among regional universities in the south. Stetson University was No. 5 in the region.

The publication said the school rankings include data on nearly 1,800 colleges and ranks 1,376 schools.

In addition to UF, the Best National Universities included University of Miami (No. 51), Florida State University (No. 96), University of South Florida (No. 156), Florida Institute of Technology (No. 161) and UCF (No. 168).

Click through the gallery above for how Florida's top schools ranked. The full rankings in various categories are available on U.S. News & World Report's site.


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