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Woodlands primary school wd6

woodlands primary school wd6 Class Size


Nat. Average 27.3

Free School Meals


Nat. Average 16.7%

Latest Ofsted



KS2 English Lvl 5+


Nat. Average 43.5%

KS2 Maths Lvl 5+


Nat. Average 45.9%

Woodlands Primary School has 233 pupils, which places its total pupil count about average in the UK. The school is a mixed school, having 51.9% girls and 48.1% boys. It is important that schools monitor attendance records closely, to try and reduce persistence absents. A low 95.4% attendance rate for the school is below average for the country. Woodlands Primary School has a average 11.2 members of staff. Having a 20:1 teacher/pupil ratio, it is slightly less than average, which permits the teachers at the This School to spend a little more time with their pupils.


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