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Writing paper for cursive

Many, but not all, letters in the handwriting of the Renaissance were joined, as most are today in cursive italic.

The origins of the cursive method is associated with practical advantages of writing speed and infrequent pen lifting to accommodate the limitations of the quill. Quills are fragile, easily broken, and will spatter unless used properly. Steel dip pens followed quills; they were sturdier, but still had some limitations. The individuality of the provenance of a document (see Signature) was a factor also, as opposed to machine font.[2]

The term cursive derives from the 18th century Italian corsivo from Medieval Latin cursivus, which literally means running. This term in turn derives from Latin currere ("to run, hasten").


  1. Mopalahovotoy

    Homeward bound, thanks for an awesome week and to all that visited us

  2. Hakiwuriwo

    I"m voting for for the at the now. Why did i put my heart in every cursive letters.

  3. Vogumel

    You made me versatile well rounded like cursive, know you chose me for a purpose, I put my soul in these verses

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  5. Ligowugad

    I had a for that class. Personally, I find cursive helps my writing flow.As a T if works great, but I also allow print/tech.

  6. Yujotuzova

    Who needs a smart board for cursive? We made our own!

  7. Fifizeva

    If you don"t use a cursive t for time while doing physics problems you"re an animal savage idiot no doubt

  8. Wicezoyesil

    There are reasons for learning cursive but it’s isn’t necessary. As for keyboarding, important but so are mobile typing skills

  9. Ganetobuy

    You"re using a cursive style font for twitter! Change to a nice sans serif

  10. Vitasofo

    When I am 70 I"m going to teach the ancient art of cursive writing for spare cash.

  11. Jeporuj

    Love and be loved. at peace. and in pure happiness. God is good, and his plan is perfect. Lord, I thank you for your faithfulness.

  12. Xayapavew

    Lesson learned for today: never write a letter to a boy in cursive

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