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Advertisement advantages and disadvantages essay in hindi

Now, in developed market economies. Advertisement plays a very important role. Although there are many benefits, many people still criticize it. In this paper. We will discuss the positive and negative effects of TV advertisement.

To begin., I will introduce these advantages of TV advertisement . First of all, Advertising TV help people who have products and services to sell into contact with people who want to buy. It is a easy way to communicate between salesmans and consumers from local to national even international . Second, the advertising industry will create employment opportunities for many people. Because it required a large employees source such as actors, technical assistant , script writer, etc... Next, the advertising for your creative opportunities and bring your personality to the ads. The final benefit, advertisement is a source of entertainments. Ads often contain images or action funny which make children enjoy very much.

Besides the positive aspects TV ads still exist some drawbacks. The first negative aspect, it makes us be not comfortable. For example, when we are watching a interesting program, it disrupts this program. I suppose that you are concentrating on an enjoyable item on TV, ads appear which make you are lost focus. This disruptions ruin our enjoyment. Moreover, advertising encourages people to buy more than what they need. Sometimes, because of the appeal through the words to marketing that we are attracted too much even buy goods which were available or not required, of course this will lead to a wasteful spending. Finally,the an extension point is that the level of difficulty to change. While the newspaper ads, the updated price or special promotions are often simply changed the coupon, but for advertising on TV is that you have to update the script and turned the whole piece advertising, which costs more money.

Through the issues mentioned, we knows the benefits and of television advertising. everyone from businesses to consumers should consider carefully when choosing this form of advertising.

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Essay On Advertisement : Its Advantages And Disadvantages

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