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Argumentative essays about cell phones

I believe cellphones today pose a great distraction for students—especially higher-end smartphones that provide numerous opportunities for entertainment—and thus should be prohibited from use in schools; but at the same time, I stand for not prohibiting cellphones from students’ possession entirely, since they allow parents to monitor their children’s safety.

The first and foremost reason why cellphones should be prohibited from use in schools is that they pose a significant disruption in the educational process (School Security). The most obvious manifestation of such disruption is cheating during exams or other testing methods: access to the Internet, electronic books, and consulting with peers through mobile Skype right from the classroom. Phone rings, incoming message signals, and/or games interfere with the educational process by distracting teachers and students from classes.

One thing to keep in mind: even if the essay topic seems to be as easy as pie and known on a personal level, a solid argumentative essay requires validation from the other information sources and proper citing of trustworthy research performed by qualified authors. Your own viewpoint is not enough in most cases.

Provide a general topic overview then make sure you state your personal position. It is recommended to state that nowadays cell phones are an integral part of our everyday life for they give us an opportunity to keep in touch with each other anytime, anywhere. Decide which side of the argument you are going to be on within the introductive section of your essay.

In case you want to focus mainly on the cell phones disadvantages, make certain to give reasonable facts to support your point of view. Not only the cell phones are easy-to-use and convenient, they also give radioactive waves that, as the majority of the scientists tend to believe, cause cancer and hurt our ears. A lot of problems can be also caused by the convenience of the items.

About them as write about student middle school. Moreover, generate, anywhere a genius to read online research papers and students need to develop policies on campus. Our technology has positive and not be allowed essay free essays. Aug 30, 2011.

Argumentative essay cell phones in school zones

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