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Assignment of rights contract template

assignment of rights contract template

Sometimes you need some extra hands, and it's necessary to assign one of your contracts to another party. An Assignment Agreement can help you hand over contractual rights or responsibilities, while helping to protect your own legal rights and obligations.

Use the Assignment Agreement document if:

  • You want to hand over your responsibilities under a contract to another person or business.
  • Your business is assuming responsibilities or contracts owned by another party.

An Assignment Agreement, sometimes called a Contract Assignment, allows you to assign your contractual rights and responsibilities to another party. For example, if you're a contractor who needs help completing a job, you can assign tasks and entitlements to a subcontractor, as long as the original contract doesn't forbid the assignment of these rights and duties. In your Assignment Agreement, you should include information like: the name of the person handing over contractual duties (called "the assignor"); the recipient of the contractual rights and obligations (called "the assignee"); the other party to the original contract (called "the obligor"); the name of the contract and its expiration date; whether the original contract requires the obligor's consent prior to assigning rights; when the obligor's consent was obtained; when the agreement will go into effect; and which state's laws will govern the agreement.

Other names for this document: Assignment of Contract, Contract Assignment, Assignment Contract

assignment of rights contract template Assignment of Contract Rights - Yale Law School

assignment of rights contract template The Assignment Agreement Template in PDF, Word, Excel.


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