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Best place to buy reclaimed wood furniture

It can be tough to find companies that make and/or distribute reclaimed wood flooring. For one, reclaimed wood is not a big enough business to warrant more than the occasional brick-and-mortar store. In the online world. Also reclaimed wood's imperfect character doesn't easily compete with the nice 'n' neat bundled wood flooring favored by the majority of consumers. Lumber Liquidators might sell distressed or faux reclaimed flooring, but it is doubtful if it will ever sell the...MORE real product.

This is a list of the most reputable reclaimed flooring suppliers who offer their product to retail customers and who will ship at least throughout the U.S.

best place to buy reclaimed wood furniture Where to Find Reclaimed Wood - Popular Mechanics

where reclaimed Reclaimed wood | to Evolutia: Wood buy

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Bringing your family together for a meal around a salvaged wood table generates a sense of timelessness and an appreciation for history and tradition. In the case of salvaged barn wood, the spirit of agriculture and an unspoken nod of thanks to the farmers underscores the scene. Wood that spends years exposed to the elements develops deep, handsome patinas and accentuating grain patterns, while indoor pieces from bygone eras often feature craftsmanship and detail rarely found in modern woodwork and expensive to replicate. Certain woods, such as longleaf pine, are available only as salvage because they come from old-growth trees felled long ago and never regrown. We look forward to seeing the results!

Week 16 of The Riverhouse Project: A Field Trip to Evolutia

If you haven’t visited the Evolutia warehouse in Birmingham’s Northside, you’re missing out on one incredible experience.

Upon the Brights’ decision to add reclaimed wood elements to their home’s interior, the team at Evolutia—who will be providing the material—invited us to tour the warehouse to learn more about their work in providing unique, sustainable building materials to Birmingham homes.

“We get most of our wood from old factories and industrial buildings that are pre-20th century,” explains Alan, who runs the warehouse (“He can just look at a piece of wood and tell you what type it is and where it’s from,” describes a fellow team member).

Evolutia sources and preps all the wood themselves, which they then sell to consumers to be used as fireplace mantles, hardwood flooring, and even reclaimed furniture they build by hand. The company’s focus is sustainability, which in part means using all parts of the wood pieces that come into their warehouse.

“One of our processes is shaving off the top layer of a piece of wood, which leaves us with a thin oak skin that can then be used as a wall treatment,” says Alan. “It used to be something we threw away, and now it’s one of our best sellers.”

So which pieces will Bill and Lisa be installing in their home?


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