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Example of assignment operators in php

example of assignment operators in php

In response to mathiasrav at gmail dot com:

The reason for that behavior is the parentheses. From the description:

"Parentheses may be used to force precedence, if necessary. For instance: (1 + 5) * 3 evaluates to 18."

So the order of operations says that even though the equality operator has higher precedence, the parentheses in your statement force the assignment operator to a higher precedence than the equality operator.

That said, it still doesn't work the way you expect it to. Neither way works, for these reasons:
if ( $a != ($a = $b) )

Order of operations says to do the parentheses first. So you end up with:
= $b;
if (
$a != $a )

Which is obviously going to be false. Without the parentheses:
if ( $a != $a = $b )

Order of operations says to do the inequality first, then the assignment, so you have:
if ( $a != $a );
$a = $b;

Which again is not what you expected, and again will always be false. But because you are only working with values of 0 and 1, you can make use of the XOR operator:

if ( $a ^= $b )

This will only be true if 1) $a is 0 and $b is 1, or 2) $a is 1 and $b is 0. That is precisely what you wanted, and it even does the assignment the way you expected it to.

foreach ($ourstring as $c) {
if (
$bold ^= $c['bold']) $resstring .= bold;
if (
$underline ^= $c['underline']) $resstring .= underline;
$resstring .= $c[0];

That code now works and produces the output you expected.

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