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Get paid to write commercials

Get Paid To Watch Ads

Another easy way to earn income online is simple; get paid to watch ads. There are only a few websites on the internet that will pay you cash money to watch short 30 – 60 seconds ads, and tons of others that offer points that you can redeem for things such as electronics and gift cards. Earn Income Online is going to focus on the sites that offer cash.

Easy Money

In my opinion, getting paid to watch ads is one of the easiest, and most underrated, ways to earn income online. The process is extremely simply: you join the website, you view short 30 – 60 second ads, and you get paid. The amount you earn per ad viewed varies greatly from site to site. On average, the typical payment for a 30 second ad ranges between .05 – .25 cents.

The downfall to getting paid to watch ads is the volatility (amount of ads to watch).
Once again, before you get discouraged, remember that earning income online is like a snowball. The amount you earn will start off small, but remember that IT WILL GROW as times goes one. Getting paid to watch ads is just another piece of the internet income puzzle. Unlike other avenues of internet income such as surveys, the amount of ads available to watch at any given time are extremely limited in comparison. However, where it may take you 30 minutes to take a survey to earn .50, you could have made that in a fraction of the time by simply watching a few short video ads. Once again, depending on the website, daily available ads can range anywhere from 5 – 15.

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