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Mike lupica inspiration for writing

mike lupica inspiration for writing

Summary: In the beginning of chapter 4 Michael and Mrs. Cora are coming back from church. Then, it begins talking about the story of Papi, Michael, and Carlos and how they escaped Cuba. After, it talks about El Grande's family and how he has two children and a wife. Michael is going to have a game and is going to pitch for a Little Leauge. It is also Carlos' day off from work and he decided to take Michael to McDonald's and while they are there Carlos is asking Michael where his game is going to be at and what position is he playing. (MORE)


  1. Darifaduva

    When did Mike Lupica immigrant from the sports page to writing editorials? Who give a shit what you think Lupica, judging POTUS

  2. Bosidupewoku

    This podcast is worth yr time. Mike Lupica talks about writing, career. i=380143733

  3. Nesepusu

    Love this conversation with Mike Lupica.

  4. Jikelek

    Can"t read Lupica"s writing style, its beyond horrible. I heard Lupica was a jerk on ESPN

  5. Yiqifewihileda

    Lupica has always felt need to interject his liberal politics into his sports reporting and writing. His right. But he is sanctimonious puke

  6. Fucepexuve

    Author and journalist Mike Lupica talks to GMSS, and about writing!

  7. Wutosewepote

    I doubt seriously that Lupica is writing those headlines. Second, make more fun of his batting stance than headlines.

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