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Objective for ice cream shop resume

objective for ice cream shop resume You need to use proper grammar and have a typed, clear resume with a clean-looking format. Also, when you write your objective, don't put something like "To find a summer job close to home." Try saying "To use my friendly personality and vigorous work ethic to create a positive experience for every customer." or you could say, "To prove myself as a hard-working individual and gain useful job experience."

You will get bonus points for writing a short cover letter to go along with it. Something like this:

Dear Mr. _____________,

Hello. My name is ______________, and I am very interested in working for you at the Lickity Split Ice Cream Shop. I am a high school sophomore who loves working with people, pays close attention to detail, and loves ice cream!

My experience includes ...(insert anything you can think of here that deals with friendliness, trustworthiness, and working with people.

objective for ice cream shop resume

objective for ice cream shop resume


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